WSSC: Whistler’s Answer To Your Summer Time Blues

  • Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp is  located in Whistler Backcomb, a major ski resort located 125 km north of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. WSSC is home to one of the best group of instructors anyone could ask for. These guys provide countless opportunities to progress as a snowboarder in addition to having one of the most fun filled summers you'll ever have. They have created an atmosphere that is welcoming and safe for children to be sent to, worry free, as well as a place where adults can enjoy the opportunities provided without the round-the-clock supervision. Keep WSSC on your bucket list if you want to ensure that you lead a happy life.

    WSSC offers an extremely experienced coaching staff that are welcoming, caring and incredibly talented on all levels. These guys and gals ensure that campers stay motivated, occupied, safe, supervised and having the best summer of their lives.

    946983_10151593789674334_49384858_nComplete with a competition - standard Super Pipe (groomed with a pipe-dragon frequently - not just hand-dug like many other pipes) as well as table-tops of varying sizes to cater to all abilities, spines and hips, tons of rails ranging from flat boxes to kinks, rainbow and flats!

    Our facility has excellent placement on the glacier, our park begins near the top of the main t-bar, and finishes up at the bottom so you can jump back on a do it all again! You can pick a different line through the park every time, and this unique flow-through design means that you will spend more time riding, and don't have to hike!396829_10151555563144334_1576156179_n

    Our tent is located at the bottom of the park. This is where we listen to tunes and sit back and get a tan during lunch! Per camper, we have more terrain than anybody else on the glacier, providing a safe and un-crowded area for you to ride in.

    Because we attract campers of all levels ranging from absolute beginner to up-and-coming pro, we have ensured that our park and facility will accommodate all levels, creating a perfect progression. We have beginner terrain that is almost flat so that those just starting out can do so in a non-intimidating environment suitable to their level. For intermediate to advanced riders, we have designed our tables and spines to cater to both levels - our tables have two lips and transitions, so you can pick the size suited to your level of riding. Our rails range from beginner to advanced, allowing you to take your riding to the next level, step by step.525175_10151574981229334_446625270_n

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