WinterSixteen Part 2

  • Part 2 of a 2 part series. Enjoy! Part 2: BackToBack

    [vimeo id="179248027" align="center" maxwidth="750"]

    Stephon Deifer @Duh_homie_Sterph & Kyle Chudoba spent A couple days in the streets of summit county. Duh homies Jonathan Mcdonald @shr3dmambaaaa and Buzz Holbrook @BuzzHolbrook came through colorado for a 24 hour shred fest! Here is what came of it! Much luv goes out to all the other people involved who put in shovel time and/or film time! Filmed By :Duh homies and Dalton Hilfinger Supported By: Killn the game, 686, Flux Bindings, Uki Hoods, Ltd. optics, Bonus gloves, Seek Conquer & Destroy, all 100 of mamba and buzz's sponsors, all duh homies

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