Which Snowboard Game Is Better?

  • First of all, I would like to say that I don't think there are enough snowboard themed video games out there to satisfy my reverse seasonal depression, so someone needs to work on that. But in the mean time, we should discuss on which game is the best.
    The two games out there right now are Shawn White Snowboarding and the newly released SSX. If there is any others that I'm missing let me know but these two are the most current competitors that I know of at this time so some corporate cat should head my advice. Anyways, these two games are pretty awesome, but everyone has a favorite.

    Shawn White Snowboarding

    shawn white video game

    snowboard video gameThis game is fairly realistic at first. As you progress through story mode and obtain skill sets it looses it's realism. However, all things considering, you can unbind and walk anywhere on the mountain, you can complete any competition that you would see on the X Games and it has a decent story mode. Shawn White guides you through each skill you learn and takes you all over the world to snowboard with his friends. The best part is that since Ubisoft made this game, when the game is loading, instead of a loading screen, you are placed into an infinite half pipe and can just hit wall after wall until you want to continue. The Wii version is much different and in short isn't very good so make sure you're buying this for ps3 or xbox 360. Overall, this game is pretty entertaining and serves for a good waste of time and a nice way to hit the slopes when its 90 degrees outside.


    ssx snowboard game

    unreal snowboardingThe newly released SSX is not realistic at all. Some people like that and some people don't. Frankly, I don't play video games because I want them to be real. I play video games because I want to do the impossible. All the characters in this game have futuristic clip on bindings that they can take off at any time on the slopes. You build a TRICKY meter and one foot can come off at every aerial trick, if you build it to Super TRICKY you can un-clip both bindings, spin your board away from yourself and have it spinning around you while you spin as if you have created your own solar system in mid air. Its quite funny to watch. The story mode quite frankly sucks, but that's the way it always has been. You complete each challenge and sometimes you can unlock a character by doing a challenge and the only story aspect to it is a small clip after each character that looks like a comic book scroll with their words in bubbles.

    snowboard wing suit

    However! This games brings a few new aspects to snowboard games as a whole. Some of the challenges require you to have body armor, ice axes for improved turning, wing suits, head lamps, thermic suits for those cold days, oxygen, avoid avalanches and a new game mode called survival where you keep running the same track until you die and rack up as much distance as you can. Plus! Travis Rice is a new downloadable character! So it's the battle between the two biggest names in the sport and who has the better video game. The game is fun and another great waste of time but it does the snowboarder's spirit well.

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