Whats The Difference Between Chicken Salad and Canadian Bacon?

  • Whenever we watch snowboarding on the X Games or Dew Tour or some big event where there is an announcer with every grab and twist memorized. However, what the heck does he mean when he says that the rider did a "corked front side 9 stale fish?"

    First off, the corked part is a fairly new way of saying that the rider is off his or her x or y axis. This adds difficulty to the trick because the rider has to put themselves off axis when initiating the turn off the jump and then correct their axis in mid air to ensure landing on their feet. Its very difficult and requires tremendous core muscles and practice.

    The 9 is obviously a 900 which is 2 and 1 half full rotations. Pretty simple to comprehend but easier said than done. Front side simply means that the rider turned their chest down the mountain at the beginning of the rotation. If it was backside, the rotation would start by turning your backside down the mountain.

    Now heres the tricky part: Skateboarding makes learning tricks very easy because every trick is a rotation of the board. With snowboarding, every trick name is determined by where you grab the board in the air and with which hands. This is where it is helpful to use a chart. (Click the picture for a better view.)

    snowboard tricks

    As you can see, there is a ton of different tricks to do and it all depends on which hand you use to do it...get your head out of the gutter...so get out there and see how many of these you can do. Make a game out of it with your buddies like SK8 or HORSE except call it STEEZ.

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