Vera’s Shredventures Ep: 6 Alaska 2013

  • Just to let you know that the new episode of Vera’s Shredventures has just dropped, featuring team rider Vera Janssen.  She’s exploring spring time Alaska with her all mountain Nikita snowboards.  She set off in the family motorhome hitting up Tailgate and the World Freeride Championships, hooking up with friends and pro riders out for the tour including Iris Lazzareschi and Yoko Nakamura.  She gets to heli ride Slough City and catch up with a snowmobile heroine of hers, Ashley Chaffin.   Hope you enjoy watching

    Discover Alaska's spring time powder madness as Vera travels to the "Last Frontier" and lives in her motorhome for 4 weeks. She hits up Tailgate Alaska and the World Freeride Championships, rides with Iris Lazzareschi and Yoko Nakamura, gets heli-dropped on Slough City, and gets shown around the local sled zones by pro snowmobiler Ashley Chaffin.

    Vera Janssen
    Iris Lazzareschi
    Yoko Nakamura
    Ashley Chaffin
    Kalle KJ Johansson
    Ryan Britt


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