Tristan Sadler_2016_Street Part

Ride Local First! Tristan Sadler's street part from the past season filmed entirely in Ogden, Utah (Except for the opening shot that took place at the BoneZone at Brighton).

[vimeo id="190195092" align="center" maxwidth="1200"]

Thank you to Jesus Christ, Family, Friends, and Sponsors. Zion Snowboards, I Ride Sideways, Lucky Slice Pizza, Crossroads Skate Shop, Snowbasin Resort, and SFC, and everyone else who helped me out along the way.

Filmed by :
Bryden Bowley, Cody Lee, Dustin Clark, Garret Eberle, Tristin Heiner, Zeke Greer, Alec Odette, Ted Borland, Sean Lucey, Madison Blackley

Music By :
"Rainbow Signs"

Cameo :
Brandon Reis

Edit By :
Tristan Sadler

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