Tristan Sadler_2016_Street Part

  • Ride Local First! Tristan Sadler's street part from the past season filmed entirely in Ogden, Utah (Except for the opening shot that took place at the BoneZone at Brighton).

    [vimeo id="190195092" align="center" maxwidth="1200"]

    Thank you to Jesus Christ, Family, Friends, and Sponsors. Zion Snowboards, I Ride Sideways, Lucky Slice Pizza, Crossroads Skate Shop, Snowbasin Resort, and SFC, and everyone else who helped me out along the way.

    Filmed by :
    Bryden Bowley, Cody Lee, Dustin Clark, Garret Eberle, Tristin Heiner, Zeke Greer, Alec Odette, Ted Borland, Sean Lucey, Madison Blackley

    Music By :
    "Rainbow Signs"

    Cameo :
    Brandon Reis

    Edit By :
    Tristan Sadler

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