Top Choices for Snowboard Socks in 2015

  • If you want your feet to stay warm, you need to wear the right kind of sock. The number one rule about socks and base layers in general is that "Cotton is Rotten!" Never wear your normal daily sock because cotton soaks up sweat and keeps your foot wet. Then you get on the chair lift and the cold temperatures freeze the moisture in the sock and makes your feet cold. So use the right sock and keep your feet dry and warm. Start with this list here

    Burton Emblem Sock


    This is a high comfort branded socks product made up of 61% acrylic, 9% polypropylene, 28% nylon, 2% spandex. It has a  stink-proof and quick-drying polypropylene reinforced foot bed, which eliminates odor. Furthermore, it has an elastic arch and ankle support along with a reinforced toe and heel for superior fit. These properties make this product something, which your feet must need in the cold weather.

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    Vans Classic light weight snow sock



    Now available at a minimalistic price, these socks are available in acrylic, nylon and elastane material. It has an over the calf height and is lightweight. The product comes with a warranty of 30 days and they are most suited for snowboarding or other snow activities. Comfort ribbing and smooth toe seems provide the socks comfort like no other.

    Hot Chillys Mid Volume Ski Sock


    Made in USA, China & Vietnam, this product is available at an affordable price range to 18-23 dollars. The material used in manufacturing is Biosilver Nylon along with MTF micro polyester yarns, which means that the socks have a unique design with a slight increase in weight for greater comfort and warmth. They are ergonomically designed to be worn where boot fit and performance are required and a major priority.


    Oakley Factory Winter Sock


    These are mid-weight with moisture eliminating properties and provide exceptional comfort and warmth on the slopes. The fabric used removes sweat away from the skin, and has deep heel pockets and arch support delivers total comfort. The winter socks are 64% Acrylic, 32% Polyester, 3% Rubber and 1% Spandex.

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    Stance Baldface Snowboard Sock


    These socks can be machine-washed and are made of 60% thermolite, 29% acrylic, 10% lycra and 1% carbo.  They come with specialized features such as left right specific foot bed cushioning, seamless toe closure and Y gore seam, no lift heel grip and traction control. Manufacturers who specialize in surfing gear make them in Italy.


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