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    SS was grateful to have an opportunity to interview to the founder steezy brand Toaster Shades, Tristan Noone. This up and coming entrepreneur has invested all his time and energy into this brand and it shows. Here's what we asked him.

    How did Toaster Shades start?

    I started the company in 2008 with the need to express my own art on a product that was tangible that everyone would use. The idea actually emerged in a skate park when I noticed a popular frame, the wayfarer, was a growing trend but also an old classic. This is always a popular theme in my own life balancing the new with the old. I noticed that a lot of lenses were given attention but not the frame. So a brand emerged. Toaster became the identity of the product after many revisions. I always loved the flying toasters from that old screen saver and the name toaster worked as a great metaphor for various aspects of the the brand.
    stylish sunglassesWhats the mission of Toaster Shades?
    Our mission is to create the latest trends in style using color and innovative design to keep pushing the threshold. I want to inspire others and build on what's already been accomplished. In the past 4 years I have taken this company from an idea to a profitable business. I hope to create new jobs for the future and give a variety of generations styles they can identify with. My last wish is to spread the word about the company to let people know who we are in hopes to find new artists with their own inspiration an backgrounds to contribute. I want this company to be the next big thing and want to bring others along with the same vision.
    cool sunglassesWhat are the future plans for Toaster Shades?
    We look forward to supporting everyone from the local skaters to the mainstream pros. Artists and outdoor enthusiasts alike, I hope to have everyone invoking the Toaster Nation. I also want to add that our shades are not only affordable but we customize shades including the ones you already own. So please do your part by telling your friends about us and we'll do ours by always putting out top quality products. 

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