The MIDDLE/PATH Project Trailer – an EcoConscious Shred Flick

  • You can’t always get what you want- so the saying goes. Last winter we planned to spend the majority of our time in the PNW shredding powder and having a low impact on the environment. Changing climates and warm temperatures have become a fearful vision of the future.

    The MIDDLE/PATH Project Trailer - an EcoConscious Shred Flick from Sean Fithian on Vimeo.

    Last season that nightmare became reality. With winter being almost non existent and resorts shutting down by mid March, we had to search elsewhere. Through our travels, we hoped to acquire knowledge on the impacts of travel and consumption. Things such as how fossil fuels affect the world around us and what it really means to throw something away. The world is changing and the way we are living must change too. Through snowboarding we have a very deep connection to the planet and a desire for it to function properly. Each of us play a role and need to become more aware of the impacts we make. This was our journey along the Middle Path.

    Music - Queen by Perfume Genius

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