The 1817 Promo

  • 1817 has always been more than a brand. What started as five friends living in a shitty apartment has grown into an inclusive collective of like-minded snowboarders. 1817 is a living embodiment of the notion that the whole is more important than the sum of its parts.

    The 1817 Promo from 1817 on Vimeo.

    The idea behind it has always been if you are down with us then we are down with you; all are welcome. Our intention has always been to represent as many scenes and sides of snowboarding as we can and to showcase all of the parts of snowboarding we are most excited about. From Monday Minutes, to re-edits, full parts, and the 1817 Movie, whether you were with us since day one or just found us yesterday, this one's for the loyal ghouls. Stay spooky and 1817 for fucking life.

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