Tandem Snowboarding Friends

  • We don't care how bad ass or "core" you are, this video is awesome. We need more people like this in the world. I'm sure these girls snowboard fine on their own and more people need to understand how easy it is for this age group to start on a board.  Share this with your friends and maybe we can help move girls snowboarding in the right direction. Great job girls!

    Happy 3rd Birthday Kinsley! Your adventurous spirit and our teamwork have created an amazing and magical time for us. I could even call it pioneering. Thank you for bringing this experience to my life. I love you with all my heart, Dad

    ***Safety Warning***
    The makers of this film are not responsible for any injury you may cause to yourself or others while attempting to duplicate the riding styles shown in this video. All riders shown here are professional snowboarders who have been riding for many years. Know your skill level, and do not exceed it when riding tandem. While extremely rewarding, riding tandem can also be dangerous. The best advice we can give is this; Stay within your limits so you never fall. Good luck and have fun.

    Music: 'Shooting Star' licensed under Extreme Music/Sony ATV

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