7 years of having the best winter with all my best friends. This video is a thank you to everyone that made this snowboard movie project possible. This is all the best moments I had behind the lens and the coolest tricks i think I had the chance of capturing. I was never a real filmer, just a guy with a cam and a dream of being part of something bigger.

    [vimeo id="150453559" align="center" mode="normal" maxwidth="750"]

    Filmed and edited by Jerome Page

    Riding by (in order) Dillon Ojo, Fred Lacroix, Alexis Mailhot, Gab BĂ©langer, Alex Gogo, Russell Beardsley, Thomas Gagner (TBAG), Jonathan Truchon, Antonin Chamberland, Cameron Hill, Alex Moite, Niels Shack, Richard Hope, Nic St-Pierre, Nicolas Marcoux, Nic "The Coach" Tremblay, Nic Roy, Phil Tardif, Max Verville, Jonat St-Marie, Jonat Tremblay, Vince Roy, Emile Veilleux, Axel Stall and Lp Dorval.

    Music by The Black Lips

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