Snowboard Concepts That Will Have You Looking Twice

  • Over the years, there has been a general agreement on what snowboards should be shaped, bent and constructed. However, there are a few companies out there that keep the creative juices flowing and come out with concepts that others wouldn't dare to put in their catalogs. Here are a few of our favorite models that made the list of most original, old school or innovative concepts and creations for 2016.



  • Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher

    The Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher is one of a few different boards in the Spring Break line that push the limits of what snowboard shapes could be. This line is proud of it's self expression through their line and on the slopes. Talk to anyone who rides one of these boards, guaranteed they are the person who is having the most fun on the hill.

  • K2 Cool Bean

    The K2 Cool Bean is playing off of the theory that a shorter, fatter board has the same surface area as a long skinny board and therefore should be able to float just as well in a smaller package. The Cool Bean is definitely a fun little ride no matter where you are on the hill but it strives in powder conditions for sure.

  • YES The Clark

    The Clark from YES is literally a blank canvas ready for you to do what you will with it. With the same bend as the YES 420, this board is ready to be cut into your dream pow killer. You can even share shape ideas and download shape templates right from YES' webstie. CLICK HERE for more details on that.

  • Jones Mountain Surfer

    With a surf pad and metal hook bindings, the Jones Mountain Surfer is a no-bindings-required kind of board that lets you ride powder as freely as surfing a wave at the beach. Take it from one of the greatest big mountain riders of all time; the Jones Mountain Surfer is the last pow board you'll need.

  • Bataleon Bill Stewart Series

    This year, the Bataleon Bill Stewart Series is being remade into a surf board. They're putting the TBT shape into the nose of the surf board and then concaving the rest of the board in different ways to optimizing the toe to heel transition. These boards aren't going to be plentiful so if you are interested in one of these you better start looking for one now.

  • Burton Throwback

    Looking for an inexpensive pow option that brings you back to the original days of snowboarding? Check out the Burton Throwback. It's a remake of an old concept but for only $130 you'll never have so much fun for such little cash.

  • Rossignol The One

    The One is new for Rossignol. This board is all about damp, stable riding without sacrificing anything in return. Not only is this board stable, fast and filled with new tech, hold it up to the light and the board has a halo of see through material that will impress your friends.

  • LibTech Jamie Lynn Rat Tail

    The Rat Tail from Lib Tech is another Jamie Lynn model that speaks for itself. It's a lean, mean, pow ripping machine with a dope tip and tail shape. As always, Rat Tails along with every other Lib Tech board is loaded with a hybrid shape and Magnatraction for maximum stability.

  • GNU Zoid

    The GNU Zoid is an awesome directional board for the guy who likes to point the board down the hill and GO! Dont make the mistake of buying the wrong board though. Since this board is directional and Asym, there is a REGULAR and GOOFY option and they shouldn't be confused.

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