Snackbreak for FSA – Kasurila Park Sessions

  • We are organising #parkkisessarit events in seven Finnish ski resorts to lap the parks with the locals, to connect new and old faces together and to enjoy snowboarding in its purest form of having fun. 

    Finland is known for its good terrain parks and even better riders, some older, some younger. Each one deserves the spotlight for keeping the spirit strong by riding the local ski resort all day, every day.

    We teamed up with the film crew Snackbreak to create something unique in the celebration of the Finnish grassroots snowboarding culture. Snackbreak joins us to host three #parkkisessarit events in less known ski resorts. They film together with the local heroes to capture the feeling described above. At the end of each event, they will also give a free interactive video workshop for anyone interested in filming and editing videos.

    This is the last stop of these three events we toured with Snackbreak. This time it took place in Kasurila ski resort in Kuopio, where we enjoyed freshly groomed park laps for three days. We hope that this video produced by Snackbreak encourages you to go out and explore the creative approaches your local park has to offer.

    Thank you Kasurila for having us.

    This is Finnish snowboarding.

    Lumilautaliitto X Snackbreak

    Riders in order of appearance: 

    Tommi Ollikainen
    Joonas Eloranta
    Tomi Röppänen
    Riko Rinnekangas
    Antti Komulainen
    Laura Syri

    Filmed and edited by Tommi Ollikainen / Snackbreak prod.
    Additional filming: Joonas Eloranta & Lauri Valonen
    Event production: FSA

    Song: Creep
    Written by Antti Viitanen
    Performed by King of Spiders: Antti Viitanen, Tommi Ollikainen, Esko Vauhkonen & Janne Haake
    Recorded and mixed by Janne Haake in Mikkeli, Finland.
    All rights reserved.

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