Seek and Enjoy Sessions Episode 1: Place

  • Here we are isolated in the beautiful Whistler backcountry removed from city life, cell phones, smog and pathetic video games. We’ve gathered our best friends and our snowboards and headed out to enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived. There’s a sense of freedom out here which we eagerly chase at the crack of dawn returning home hours later only because the sun has passed.

    We’re after adventure and the experiences whether good or bad that accompany. In the end we sit back today and watch our hard work pay off remembering the good times while anxiously awaiting the year to come.

    Here are the boards we saw in this video:



    Zach’s choice for the year; The K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard isn’t just a dream to fantasize about, to own and to ride – it’s a really really special one. The 2014 K2 Ultra Dream features BC shaping, Tweekend™ tip and tail and Hybritech™ construction for low swing-weight, optimized turn initiation, and durability. Go as big as your imagination will allow, even when you’re awake, on the K2 Ultra Dream.

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    Turbo Dream


    The K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard will have you livin’ the Dream like pro rider Danny Larsen in no time flat. Designed to kill it anywhere on the mountain, the Turbo Dream offers effortless turns on hardpack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud. Its forgiving flex combined with solid Hybritech™ construction and All Terrain Baseline with Tweekend™ technology provide a versatile ride for those looking forward to a season’s worth of progression.

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    Avert’s board of choice; From the streets of SLC to the Whistler backcountry, Jordan Mendenhall shreds it all with classic style. And the Fastplant all mountain snowboard is the perfect deck for that level of versatility and stomp anything durability. With Bambooyah’s 5 year warranty and Ollie Bar’s amazing pop and active feel the Fastplant is the solid foundation for building your own classic style.

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    Hit Machine


    The K2 Hit Machine Snowboard is the new standard in team driven freestyle. It’s like your favorite record that never fails. The Hit Machine is equipped with a Freestyle baseline and Tweekend™ tips, for a board that kills it in the park and floats in pow when the opportunity arises. It’s also built with a carbon reinforced layup that loads the Hit-Machine with extra snap and pop and gives you that extra boost to hop over signs, people, and anything else in your way. Get ready for your best season ever on the 2014 K2 Hit Machine Snowboard.

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