Seagull Bags

  • Are you looking for a new bag for all your outdoor needs? Look no further than Seagull Bags! These are top of the line bags for any and all needs. From the durable build quality all the way down to the waterproof zips Seagull Bags these guys have you covered!

    We recently got our hands on the new “Trail Buddy” and let me tell you if anyone can bring back the hip side bag it's these guys! It's a simple easy to use bag that looks good fits well and can hold anything you need when you're out on the trail.


    It has water resistant zips to help keep everything inside safe from the weather outside. When spring time rolls the bag is also equipped with a strap so you can mount it on your bike handlebars! The bag will be offered in two different colorways, Spring Ridgeline and TreeLine. So ditch your crappy old backpack and throw on one of these classic hip bags and enjoy the day!


    Even if the hip bag is not your thing, they still have you cover with a bunch of different options in some really nice high end bags that are durable and can stand up too what ever your going to throw at them. So take some time and check out our good friends over a Seagull Bags, who knows you might just find just what you need for this spring!

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