Ryan Paul’s Zany Earth, Ep. 3: Shredding a Skatepark with a Snowboard

  • Ryan Paul may be an amazing snowboarder but you he doesn't take himself too seriously. In the series finale of Zany Earth he hits some urban rails into a busy street and nearly gets run over by a car, shreds a skatepark on a snowboard, jibs his head off in the park, exchanges his snowboarding boots for a pair of Sorels (and still shreds) and winches into a massive double backflip or two at the end. Remember those snow days when you fantasized about all the crazy stuff you could do in your neighborhood if you just had the right equipment? Ryan Paul actually does all of them. If you are a fan of urban antics you can't miss this. Shredding a Skatepark...on a Snowboard? Hold on, It Gets Crazier | Ryan Paul's Zany Earth, Ep. 3 (Thanks EpicTV)

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