Ruroc Helmets Were Built To Save Your Face

  • We all know that our sport is very dangerous but when you love to ride as much as we do, you cant just walk away from this sport after an injury. Ask Kevin Pierce for example, Kevin almost lost his life and endured years of physical therapy to regain function of his body. Even through all this strife, we are glad to see him back out on the slopes and riding for his team once again.  It's inevitable that if you ride, you'll get hurt, but if you spend the money and make sure you're protected, you'll save yourself a ton of cash in hospital bills. Facial injuries are not only common, but the worst ones to get because you cant hide that grill all day.

    Ruroc helmets are the next best product to help you save your grill while shredding ill. They provide a full helmet, meaning one that covers your ears, while also providing a protective face mask and goggles that are specifically made to fit inside the helmet. This helmet will not only protect your head, but it also protects the jaw line and prevents knockout shots. Take it from someone who has seen their fair share of hits to the face: RUROC HELMETS ARE WORTH LOOKING INTO!

    We sat down with some of the guys from Ruroc to ask them a few questions about the brand...

    How'd you guys start?

    In winter 2006, the Canadian Rockies saw some of their worst weather since records began. The extreme conditions posed a problem no ski or snowboard helmet at the time was able to solve, how to protect the whole of your face from extreme weather conditions. From this the Ruroc RG-1 full face helmet was born, and continues to be the worlds leading provider of combined mask, goggle and helmet. We're a close team, based in Gloucester, UK. 

    What makes your product so darn good!?
    Our ski and snowboard helmet offers more protection than any other. With full jawline protection and the patented anti-fog technology using a series of vents to channel cold air up through the mask and helmet, there's nothing quite like us out there. We love the fact that our helmet stands out, love it or hate it you can't mistake a Ruroc for anything else!
    Do you guys have a pro team?
    The Ruroc Faction will be available on our soon to be launched website rebrand, check it out for our latest shots and news from the pro team. If you're interested in joining the Faction, drop us a line through the website and we'll be in touch. We also supply a number of F1 team pit crew helmets, it's not pro ski material but we love them all the same.
    What does this upcoming season hold for you guys?
    Keep your eyes out for the upcoming launch of our brand new website. We're also launching a colour customising tool, allowing you to choose a helmet totally unique to your style. We had a great season last year which we're looking to build on, so we're really excited about the upcoming 12/13 season. For the latest news, check out our page, or follow us on twitter @ruroc_sports, it's great to hear what fans think so get in touch.
    Take some time out of your day and do something helthy for yourself. Go check out Ruroc helmets and protect your grill!

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  1. Xtrasuperb!!

  2. cool sht

  3. me

  4. niceeee

  5. Not sure if i comment here, or in the contest area. I havent skied in 5+ years since a bad hit to head, having a quality/stylish helmet like this would definitely get me back into it.

  6. cool stuff

  7. when do we know if we won?

  8. Never had the pleasure of trying one of these Ruroc helmets on but they do look solid as heck. The full face protection by itself look like it could save you some $ in reconstructive sugary if ever needed. Defenetly will look into them. Thanks!

  9. Well, I have the perfect Face for Radio…but I certainly can’t afford to make it any worse… I HAVE had my melon saved by helmets…can’t say enough about not wreckin’ the melon This helmet looks wicked cool, and I really like the full face feature!