RAREFORM Snowboard Bags

  • RAREFORM is a unique bag brand bringing life and conversation back to the snowboard bag. These guy intercept bilboards as they are being thrown out and recycle them into Surfboard, SUP, Snowboard bags, backpacks, wallets and so much more. We had the chance to check them out and love them! These bags are very durable and original. No one out there will ever have the same 2 RAREFORM bags. Check out the video about the brand and get one of your own!

    Inspiring Outdoor Enthusiasts

    RAREFORM founder Alec Avedissian was never comfortable in a suit. After working in investment banking and renewable energy, Alec decided to walk away from a career in corporate America and clear his head on a six-month surf trip through South America with his closest buddies. The group traveled through six countries, ate local food, hiked volcanoes, and searched for the world’s longest left wave (they found it by the way, in Chicama, Peru). It was also this trip that convinced Alec that business could be done differently.

    While trading off between consulting with rural businesses and surfing perfect breaks in El Salvador, Alec recognized the interconnectedness of poverty, environmental degradation, and the outdoor industry. In the impoverished village he was living, beautiful lakes and rivers were dangerously polluted, and once-pristine beaches were littered with trash. Following a tip from a friend that billboards could be upcycled and turned into bags, Alec began dreaming of creating a business that could reduce waste in the world and sustain our playground——the mountains, rivers and oceans that all outdoor enthusiasts cherish.

    In 2012, Alec recruited friends and business partners Ryan Judy and Sho Rust to join him in his vision and RAREFORM was born. By intercepting billboards before they reach the landfills, RAREFORM is able to create unique, eco-friendly products for the outdoor industry. Even better, RAREFORM currently manufactures its products locally in California and has joined Patagonia in donating 1% of its sales to benefit the planet. RAREFORM approaches each day as a learning opportunity, a chance to let good run wild.

    With a continued commitment to the principles that got the whole thing started—quality, sustainability, and style—RAREFORM''s best days are still ahead.

    Refreshing Twist on a Classic Style

    The process starts when we intercept the billboards before they reach the landfill. We’ve partnered with Lamar—the nation's largest outdoor advertising company—to ensure that we have a quality and ample supply of material. We then wash, cut, and sew each bag meticulously—right here in California.

    RareForm products are a refreshing twist on a classic style. We refuse to cut corners on quality or function. We understand that our products must wear well and have a unique, bold style. We are fanatical about our process because we believe this is important work. We are always asking: Is this right? Can we do better? So rest assured, whether you are driving 10 minutes to surf Rincon or catching a last minute flight to score an epic south swell in Mexico, we’ve got you covered.

    A Catalyst for Change in the Outdoor Industry

    At RAREFORM, we give all outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to be active problem solvers. This aim is in our DNA. We are a company that makes a positive impact in the world, a company that does more than profit from a product, a company that lets good run wild.

    We also believe that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we have pledged 1% of our sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. As lovers of wild and beautiful places, our environment is our playground, and in designing our products, we keep our playground in mind.

    To learn more about 1% For The Planet, check out www.onepercentfortheplanet.org.




    RAREFORM has also partnered with Swipe for HumanitySwipe for Humanity is a social enterprise that seeks to repurpose credit card swipes and help create sustainable income for socially responsible ventures. Now, anytime you purchase from our online shop, Swipe for Humanity will automatically redirect 50% of your credit card swipe fees to The Kind Campaign - a non-profit that is doing great things to promote KINDness.

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