The Disaster crushes it in both the park and the streets. Its wide mid-section is stable on jibs and 3BT base uplift in the tips makes it nearly impossible to catch your edge. The softer flex is easy to twist into an array of jib tricks while the added tip to tail beech-wood stringers help pop proper ollies and work like suspension for those flat landings.

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Product Description


  • Core: Full Poplar and beech hard wood laid tip to tail along the inserts to enhance the board’s jib, jump, and freestyle riding attributes. The added beech hardwood strengthens the board’s backbone and puts out potent pop while still offering a comfortable lateral flex.
  • PLT Topsheet: This finishing method means applying the topsheet after the board is pressed this gives the board an ultra slick finished look and because the topsheet is pre-pressed it allows them to fine tune the board’s final flex pattern
  • Biax Laminate: Their traditional and time tested two way weave of fiberglass made light, strong, and responsive.
  • Super Slick X: Not a basic extruded. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. This means it’s super slick, durable and maintenance free.

BATALEON 1617 DISASTER from Bataleon Snowboards on Vimeo.