Best Pro Model Snowboards For 2014

  •  We all look up to our favorite riders. We aspire to be as good as our heros.  Why not level the playing field with the same gear these guys are on. If it's good enough for them, it has to be good enough for you right? Here are a few awesome pro models that are coming out this 13/14 season.

    Jones Ultracraft: Jeremey Jonestop-ski-tech-03-0213-lgn

    Weighing in at just 5.5lbs, the Ultracraft 156 stands 40% lighter than the current season's Hovercraft Split, while sharing the same shape. As splitboards go, the Ultracraft easily transforms into individual skis by simply undoing two latches, which allows the rider to skin into the backcountry as if on cross-country skis, trekking to gain access to out-of-bounds terrain. However unlike most traditional splitboards that are designed as a whole snowboard then cut in half, the Ultracraft breaks ground in splitboard design as one of the first to construct each separate split as an individual ski. This seemingly minor adjustment improves response, flex and feel as both split skis or a solid board, a crucial design point realized by three years of R+D by Jeremy Jones (owner and founder of Jones Snowboards, commonly known as Big Mountain Jeremy Jones) and his team of the best backcountry snowboarders on the planet. Under the hood, the Ultracraft Split features individual wood cores, carbon fiber construction and a sintered carbon 9900 stone ground base, all of which add up to one hell of a snowboard.


    Rossignol XV : Xavier De La Rueprd9954_lg

    The Rossignol XV Magtek is the best Big Mountain board coming out for 2014. This board comes in a Split version along with a full one piece board.  The XV has a reversed directional flex which makes it very strong and powerful in the front and softer in the back. This board is amazing on hard pack groomers all the way to extreme powder days. The magnatraction of this board makes this board lock right in to hard pack even though this board is designed for softer compactable snow. One of our team riders is a bigger dude and only rides Burton Custom X's. He's never found a board that held up to the aggressive riding style that hes used to. I insisted that he take the XV out for one run and he never switched it back to anything else.  He was in love with this board and that's an amazing rarity. There's one more point that makes this board unique. There's a single hole in the non-split board version which was a request from Xavier himself. He wanted to be able to tie the board and drag the board behind him. This would cut down on wind resistance when hes hiking his line. Let it be noted that the Rossignol XV board is nothing to be sleeping on. This board will blow you away the second you strap in.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Rossignol XV Snowboard at all these locations:


    YES Asym: JP Solbergyes-asym-2014-snowboard-for-milosnow

    For 2014, Yes will keep the amazing shape that was found on the greats and will introduce a new board:  the Asym.  We had the opportunity to ride next years Asym and that board is awesome!  The asymmetrical shape makes this board turn on a dime.  I also noticed that the Asym is super stable at high speeds and in choppy snow.  It’s perfect for the type of rider who likes going fast and ripping serious turns.

    Compare prices for the 2014 YES Asym Snowboard at all these locations:


    Nitro Eero Ettala Pro Model150224

    Put simply, if you want to destroy the streets, parks, backcountry and everywhere else Eero decides he wants to ride, you need to start here. Eero's pro model is built to withstand high caliber riding -- featuring Ballistic Impact Panels and Railkiller Edge Technology for ultimate durability and performance.


    Capita Scott Stevens Pro Model


    Now available in three sizes and inspired by the Transworld Top Ten Good Wood winning Ultrafear, the Scott Stevens Pro 2013-2014 model is stronger and ready for you to get creative on the snow. These boards have a very damp, durable feel, with a low swing weight so you can pop higher ollies and quickly maneuver the board in tricky situations. This board was made to jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap, and pop off of just about anything. We might not be able to do it like Sleepy Stevens can, but it’s sure fun tryin’.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Capita Scott Stevens at these shops:


    YES Pick Your Line: DCP2014_PYL_Linesheet_zps511dbe0d

    The Pick your Line is the board chosen for charging big mountains and more challenging terrain. Plow pillows and trees with ease. Yes the 2014 PYL gets a makeover with a full wood veneer topsheet, updated Beechwood and Poplar core with carbon stringers.

    Get your 2014 YES. Pick Your Line Snowboard at these locations:


    Slash ATV: Gigi Rufatv56web

    A Directional Twin board with full cambeR for full control. This is the original board Gigi shaped as his pro model with the vision of creating a powerful, lightweight and reactive ride. Shape-wise Gigi has taken a minimalistic yet fun approach with a re-curve on the nose and tail, which saves material and weight but also stands Up with out tipping over like rounded boards can do! By combining his vision with some serious testing he created the all new Forever Wood Core. Clearly this board is treated very special using nothing but the best materials around in a unique but functional shape that will take you anywhere you want to go.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Slash ATV Snowboard at all these locations:


    GNU Space Case: Forest Baileygnu-space-case-2014-600x600

    Forest Bailey mind melted with the Gnu designers to create a weird A.S.S freestyle snowboard he calls the Space Case. X Games street champ and Snowboard Mag high ollie winner Forest is a big fan of Banana tech. On the Space Case he has built in EC2 with mild elliptical cambers at each end of his banana foundation for control and pop. Forest has become aware that his body is asymmetric and his turn mechanics are amazingly different from toe side to heels side. To balance nature's bio-mechanical curiosities Forest adapted his own version of Asymmetrical, Symmetrical Synchronization or A.S.S Technology which includes a shorter heelside contact, deeper heelside sidecut, asym contact angles and shape, and asymmetric core materials and flex. All this weird science sounds complicated and mysterious and it is but, the end result is a board that is incredibly fun and naturally easy to ride. Watch Forest and his board work together in Givin's new movie.

    Compare prices for the 2014 GNU Space Case at these fine retailers:


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