Best All Mountain Boards of 2015

  • When it comes to getting a new board, some people just need 1 board to do it all, a one board quiver if you will. This is our list of top boards to ride anywhere on the hill at any time. Check out all the latest all mountain boards and tell us what you think in the comments below.

    GNU Smart Pickle


    The GNU Smart Pickle is a hybrid shape allowing you to cruise the whole mountain no problem. The Smart pickle incorporates asymmetrical as well as magna-traction edges. This combination is going to hold an edge like no other. Experience the amazing confidence while on this board, no matter what the terrain or condition.

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    Jones All Mountain Twin


    When it comes to all mountain boards, the Jones All Mountain Twin is a snappy, powerful board. Whether you are killing it in the park, cruising the groomers or dropping huge lines, the AMT takes no prisoners. Be prepared to have people ask you where you got this bad boy as Jones are always a sought out brand.

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    Capita Black Snowboard of Death


    One of the best selling boards in the line, the Capita Black Snowboard of Death is loaded with camber in between the bindings, rocker in the nose and flat kick in the tail. A great board for anyone who is looking for a high performance all mountain board. Plus it looks bad as hell.

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    Capita Defenders Of Awesome


    Another very popular choice from the Capita line, the Defenders of Awesome features a second year of hot chicks with weapons. Take this hybrid profile and rip it in the park or pow, its up to you where you want to be on this one, just know that these girls might be too ratchet for you.

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    K2 Turbo Dream


    K2 has always made great product, and the Turbo Dream is no different. Featuring the All Mountain base line, this board is meant to do it all. If you are looking for a one board quiver, look no further than this. Also features the tweekend tech which is great for anyone looking to jump around. The additional contact area allows for more control at the takeoff and the landing.

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    Burton Process Off-Axis

    With Burton's new pure-pop profile, this board is ready to rail an edge as well as it hits the pow and park. With off axis squeeze box, the board is thickened and thinned in certain areas to create pop zones in the board. Designed like a asym board, the Process off-axis is ridden the same way if you are goofy or regular. There is a designated heel and toe side.

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    Nitro Blacklight


    Featuring the new Power Pop edge, the Nitro Black Light is one of the best all mountain boards in Nitro's line up. Power Pop is a form of magna-traction, allowing you to hold a great edge no matter how bullet proof it is out there. The Black light is a one board quiver you'll find yourself pulling out time and time again.


    Burton Easy Livin


    In collaboration with Martin Guitars, Danny Davis took his Easy Livin to another level with this beautiful Martin Guitar replica. The base is an actual photo of Danny Davis' new guitar he made at the Martin warehouse. Danny also won gold in half pipe at this previous winter XGames with a huge switch method along with some other solid tricks in his arsenal. Get this bad boy for the guitar player in your life.

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    Salomon Man's Board


    There's nothing more manly than a pair of tits on your snowboard. That's why Salomon flipped a tit with this bad boy. The man's board is back with a fresh retro graphic and a hybrid profile that will take charge of the whole hill any time of the year. Check out the Man's board at a shop near you.

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    Yes The Greats


    Giving credit where credit is due, the Yes The Greats is back, dropping some respect to some of the greatest names in the game. Each board size has a different athlete from years of snowboard's past. Asym for a better turning radius. Durable as hell and again, a hybrid shape to help you hit the whole hill.


    Ride Machete


    If you're looking for a solid built, stiff all mountain board, The Machete GT is where it's at. Not only are you getting a stiff hybrid shape, but reinforced edges and carbon stringers all through this bad boy. If you are looking for air of any kind, this is the one to choose. Keep in mind, Machetes are dangerous.

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    NeverSummer RipSaw


    For someone who really wishes there was more camber in their board, the Neversummer might be the one to pick. Yes, it still feels like a hybrid shape, it will still rock back and fourth, and there is nothing like a full camber board. But with the Ripsaw's extended camber sections, you get solid holding board without having to go full camber. Also, it's twin shaped so it's open to the park.

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    DC Ply


    The DC Ply has been in the line for a while. A great board for an even better price. Take this hybrid profile anywhere on the mountain. If you are looking to pick up a board for short money but want something that is going to hold up over the years the DC Ply is the way to go. Not to mention the graphic on this is solid as hell.

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  1. great page! I have been looking for a good resource site for the new all mountain boards.
    I’m 6’2 225 size 11 shoe and have only ridden on a Burton and Arbor so I wanted t see what options there are for someone my size who still likes to charge.