Phunkshun Wear

  • We sat down with the CEO of Phunkshun Wear, Jacob, to ask a few questions about the business and see what their future plans were.

    What is the history of Phunkshun Wear?phunkshun wear mask

       Lanny and Jacob hatched the idea to start Phunkshun Wear back in March 2011. They bought a sewing machine, browsed the web for fabrics and started making the first masks. The first designs were good enough to sell to friends and family, as well as a few sympathetic local retailers
    Soon after the first sales, heavy research began into all aspects of the manufacturing and textiles industries. Google searches and polite phone conversations led us from resellers to wholesalers to producers for the products we would need.
    brain winter mask   We found suppliers and manufacturers willing to help us gain a better understanding every step of the way. Friends offered to help and we even offered to pay them. Peeling stickers and vinyl heat label transfers, sewing simple neck tubes out of cool tech Lycra. Our first summer ended with us moving out of the house and into a warehouse down the road.
    Since those early months we have been focused on developing our brand image and solidifying our product selection. Many questions have been addressed like how to establish fabric sourcing with primary US manufacturers, and we have evolved to a level of operating where we are happy to start doing real business with retailers within and outside of Colorado.

    phunkshun wear logo

    Whats your mission at Phunkshun Wear?

    cool mesh maskOur mission is to manufacture products that protect people from the elements and enhance their outdoor experiences. We tip our hats to outerwear companies who have produced products that perform in the winter cold so we can enjoy ourselves. We are about the true American Made process and a DIY mentality that we think gives us more ownership over our products than some other brands that outsource much of their labor to china and elsewhere. We make our own face masks.. which seems simple enough for anyone to do, and at the start it was.  Through much continued research we have sought out fabrics and components from american partners and made sure that the components also make sense for what our product is. We are capable of producing all of our products in our own Silverthorne location, and we have created a relationship with an outsourced manufacturer in Denver to handle larger preorder requests.

    Phunkshun colorado signatureWhats 2013 look like for you guys?

    We have been passionately pursuing relationships with other brands in the action sports industry and we hope to create some really unique and exciting collaborations with companies like Level 1 Productions, Never Summer, Vitamin Water and others. We are also going to partner with SOS Outreach society to make sure none of the kids in the program have a cold face.
     We're very excited about having our first booth at SIA and also the prospect of going to Europe for the ISPO show.  We have a new global sales manager who comes to us from some other very successful action sports brands and I am looking forward to the challenge of producing all the new orders he is going to help us acquire.

    phunkshun mask black and whiteHows the Team coming?

    We are still in the process of creating a true team, just one of the challenges of being a startup brand. We have some very good talent out there representing for us and it's just been overwhelming sometimes to digest the feedback from our riders.  Some of the athletes who will be representing us next season include Justin Morgan, Seth Hill, Will Mayo, Jaron Stadler, Cody Cirillo and Kristi Collins.

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