Oz Snowboards

  • OZ Snowboards are the product of a passion for snowboarding for over 20 years in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The company was founded around a growing number of riders who are disappointed in the direction the large snowboard manufacturing companies are taking the industry. We started a company with fresh ideas and core values based around the rider and not profit. We want to push the envelope of innovation in snowboard design, commit to fabricating boards in Colorado, and build boards as environmentally friendly as possible. These core values became the foundation that OZ Snowboards are built on today.

    OZ Snowboards CORE values:
    To build a better snowboard
    Produce them here in Colorado, USA
    Become the forefront of environmentally conscious snowboard manufacturing

    "To build a better snowboard" we consulted the aerospace industry and incorporated many design concepts and materials used to build light weight aircraft. We replaced the typical heavy fiberglass sheets with a lightweight tri-axial aerospace grade carbon fiber. The fibers are specifically oriented to take advantage of the stresses involved in snowboard flex patterns. We precisely designed a hybrid poplar and Kevlar honeycomb core designed to lighten the board and act as a vibration dampening system. OZ Snowboards pioneered the aerospace design concepts into snowboard construction. The results are a boards that are Lighter, Stronger and FasterTM.

    "Produced in the Colorado, USA" OZ snowboard founder Adam Browning has made the commitment to never move the production of OZ Snowboards over seas. Adam believes we have the duty to employ locally and use local suppliers in all aspects of our snowboard construction. In addition, all of our apparel and stickers produced here in Colorado.

    "Limit the impact on our environment" Building snowboards is very taxing on the environment. At OZ we love the outdoors and want to do whatever we can to preserve the mountains we ride. Here is our commitment to being environmentally friendly:

    1. Our factory is 100% powered by wind.
    2. We use a bio-renewable epoxy resin sourced from
    waste streams of other industrial processes.
    3. We use recycled UHMW sidealls
    4. We use wood veneer top sheets because they
    reduce the plastic waste of a snowboard by 1

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