Outdoor Technology: Because You Probably Want It

  • So we came across this company a few weeks back and I gotta tell you, we're pumped we did! One of the big things that sets this company apart from other audio companies is that they don't have a ton of different items, so their quality is through the roof! Every product they have is bomb proof and unique! They let us try out the "TURTLE SHELL" and the "CHIP'' and they are both sick! The Turtle Shell is a water resistant, shock resistant boom box that can wirelessly connect with any Blue-tooth compatible device. It also comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will give you 10+ hours of  base booming action. If you can get your hands on one of these, do it,  its defiantly worth the 149$ price tag.

    We had the chance to sit down with these guys and ask a few questions...
    How did you guys start?
    Outdoor Tech was started a few years ago by Caro Krissman and Mikie Krisztal.  Our first contribution was the Yowie, a multi-purpose snow sports facemask that we continue to produce currently.  Wanting to do something a bit beyond that, the guys decided that they would have a go at building solid, rugged audio products with the outdoorsman/woman in mind.  The rest is history.
    dj slims outdoor technologyWhat does the brand stand for?
    We like to say that we are all about remaining connected, but not tethered.  That means that we try to blur the line between having fun in an outdoor environment and staying relevant in the modern day and age.  We try to make it easier to do that, and in the process we’ve started to uncover a compromise between the urban and the natural, the modern and the rustic.  I guess you could call us idealists, in that sense.
    The second part to the story is a tagline that we’ve adopted only recently, “Stuff You Probably Want”.  The idea here is that our products make sense; they are well thought-out and prove to be assets in lots of situations.  But we want to be honest.  Are you going to be a better athlete or live a fruitful, perfectly-proportioned life solely because you buy something from us?  No, because part of that is on you.  But we do make products that are a lot of fun, push design and technology forward and work well in outdoor situations.  We have an edgy way of going about things that is pretty evident even with just a look at our website.  And yes, we do believe that a fruitful, well-proportioned life is possible, but that means different things to different people, and we don’t want to just spoon-feed folks the same old vision of what it has to look like, or what it will absolutely look like if you buy our stuff.


    Do you have a pro team?
    We tend to sponsor up-and-coming athletes that really care passionately about what they are doing.  They all bring a unique perspective to the table and it’s not uncommon for them to be talented in other ways as cinematographers, photographers, writers, artists or just all-around epic, caring people. That being said, yes, the majority of them are on a professional level.
    What are you guys looking forward to for the 2013 season?outdoor technology chip
    Our biggest new product for 2013 is the Chips, a brand-new wireless drop-in helmet audio system.  We debuted them at SIA and OR this year and the response has been enormous. The Chips connect to any Bluetooth device and stream audio wirelessly.  They fit into virtually any helmet with an audio liner and are operated via two large buttons that may be operated from outside the liner without removing your mittens or gloves.  You can even answer a phone call if you get one with the built-in mic.  The industry has never really seen anything quite like this, and we are really excited about it. You can check them out at outdoortech.com/shop/chips.
    What is your best selling product?
    The Tags have been around the longest, and sales have always been huge with them, but our newest product, the Turtle Shell wireless boom box, has been blowing up since we debuted it, so you never know.

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