Orion Packs Get You Farther

  • The Orion Pack is helping BC riders carry their gear easier than ever before. We took some time to check out the Orion pack and we're stoked on the innovative design of this comfortable yet functional design. Check out what we found.

    Here's what their site has to say about their story:

    Winter after winter, whether in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington or Canada, I kept seeing the same scene play out, skier after skier and boarder after boarder lugging, strapping, slinging or clumsily trying to carry their precious cargo. “Why does this have to be? Someone should try stopping this madness and design a pack meant to carry skis or a board” I said to myself. But it never happened... 

    So we set out on a mission with a vision to design and build a pack to fill a massive void in the alpine market. The vision was a pack capable of carrying winter equipment in a functional manner while still providing enough storage for a power bar, phone, keys and a layer. But it also had to look cool, be comfortable, be durable and be functional to the masses.

     Our unique patent-pending mono body design, utilizes the torso to stabilize your equipment ergonomically and securely across your back. There is no other pack, strap or sling on the market that does what Orion Packs can do and in the manner in which they do it, making our product stand alone. Archer and Method took many years to bring to reality, and while the sport of skiing and snowboarding has evolved, one thing has not changed over that period of time, that’s the way resort and mountain visitors go vehicle to vertical. 

    Orion Packs wants to change that...

     Method (2)Method front

     There are two designs made by Orion but only one for us boarders. The Method has a plush backing, strong and durable Velcro ensures your board isn't going to slip around as well as awesome chest and waist buckles to ensure you keep a good posture while hiking. This pack may seem like its just for epic BC trips but I've been using this pack to get around to and from work and the shovel compartment works great for carrying a laptop when epic BC trips aren't on the schedule.  Look out for this company because they aren't going away any time soon.

    Learn more about the Orion Pack line at orionpacks.com

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  1. We have updated packs! And now in REI , check us out here http://www.orionpacks.com