Optrix: Turns Your iPhone Into An Action Cam

  • We all want a GoPro but might not be able to afford it, and quite frankly we were sick of saving our pennies to get one! We found a better solution and wanted to share it with you guys. The answer is right in your pocket. Your phone can take great videos with the right modifications, and Optrix has figured it out. This amazing product takes the durability and wide angle lens of the GoPro and throws it right on your iPhone. Even better, its only a fraction of what you would pay for the competition. Take it from us, this product is more than worth taking a look at.

    Optrix was created by our CEO John Willenborg.  John is a motor sports enthusiast, with experience racing Motocross, Super-Moto, Super-Bike, and SCCA National Road Racing.  During a day of Super-Bike racing, John was missing a part of his Go-Pro camera.  For fun, he took his iTouch and duct taped it to the front of his wind shield.  The resulting footage blew him away.  John knew right then there was an easier way to capture action sports on film.  Roughly two and a half years later Optrix launched in December of 2011 with the HD, and the XD followed a few months later. With no other product like Optrix on the market, John wanted the name to be unique, different, but at the same time familiar.  He combined "Optic" with "X-treme", and the simple and catchy ring of Optrix stuck.

    When asked what does 2013 look like for you guys? Optrix answered,

    "Going into 2013 we are looking to continue innovating the iPhone action video market.  We plan on doing this by expanding our mounting options(chest mount, suction cup, bar mount, quarter 20 adapter), creating more sport specific apps, have a professional team, and continually improve our product to enhance the user experience."

    There are two Apps available for this product. The first of the two is called the Optrix VideoPro. This app costs 9.99 and comes with meters that show speed, G-force, lap time, and track map. Pretty cool features if you are a racer of some sort.

    There is also a free version of the app which features focus lock which reduces camera shake, resolution adjustments, simple frame rate adjustments. There is going to be a future update of this app which will include motion activated recording and time frames of how much memory you have to record with.

    The absolute best part of the Optrix is the 175 degree lens. This thing takes amazing wide shots and makes everything you snap so much better. There is nothing like a wide lens when recording action sports and the Optrix made sure they included that in their product. This is what the iPhone 5 should have come with standard but since Steve Jobs is dead we can't blame them for not being geniuses like their boss was.


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