A Not So Fairytale Trailer – Rusty Toothbrush

  • Rusty Toothbrush is set to put the first notch in their street and backcountry belt with the release of A NOT SO FAIRYTALE.

    [youtube id="-WFKuYImAnw" align="center" maxwidth="750"]

    Filmed over 6 short weeks throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Andorra, Austria and Australia.

    Riders + Instagram:
    Alex Stewart - @alexstewartsnowboarder
    Giacomo Errichiello - @jackerrichiello
    Mahi Mains - @mahi_mains_mane
    Victor Loron - @vicloron
    Tom Picamoles - @tompicamoles

    Production + Instagram:
    Rusty Toothbrush - @rustytoothbrush
    Francesco Zoppei - @francescozoppei
    Brad Smith - @brad.smithy
    Federico Grego - @exe000

    Son Lux - You Dont Own Me (ft Hanna Benn)

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