Nicholas Strother Raw Park Tape 2017

Everyone in Tahoe spent most 2017 mornings shoveling our porches and driveways. We shredded a lot but mostly consisted of urban and some really deep pow days.
I got my hands on some rare park footage, so enjoy this two minutes of mediocre, style-free riding. Keep an eye out for our urban and pow mixtape with the rest of the crew. That one will actually be worth watching. This season was a low point for me for non-snowboard related reasons and I think it reflects in my total lack of style and technicality, but whatever. On to the next one. See y'all on the hill.
谢谢你们, 看见你上山在2018.
S/O to Adam Lechner and Tony Ceccarelli for killing it all season and making it happen.

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