Most Responsive Womens Bindings for 2014

  • For the ladies out there who need a serious binding, this is our top list of the most responsive bindings on the planet. If you need a binding that will stand up to the pressure and keep you stable on your edges, you'll love all of these.

    Flux GM


    The Flux GM Snowboard Bindings boast high quality, great durability, and a super comfortable fit. The GM bindings feature a women specific Vogue baseplate, allowing a flawless fit with a female boot while providing shock absorbing qualities for when you're stomping landings in the roughs and flats. These bindings also have other great features such as tool-less adjustments, adjustable toe & heel cushioning and 3D straps. High performance and high tech, the Flux GM Snowboard Bindings are ready to shred.

    Check out more about the Flux Binding line in episode 4 of the Snowboard Steez Podcast

    Get your 2014 Flux GM's at these fine locations:

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    Burton Lexa


    The Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings are the solution for all mountain super response and comfort. Re:Flex™ technology provides improved board feel and is compatible with all insert patterns. With women’s specific True Fit™ designa the Lexa Bindings are designed to fit a woman’s leg and calf to perfection. Take on the mountain with comfort and control with the Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings.

    Find the 2014 Burton Lexa Binding at these awesome locations:

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    Flow ISIS-AT


    The Flow Isis-AT Snowboard Bindings might look a little understated at first glance, but this all-new binding is far from that. Delivering great foot-to-board connection, precise fit and support and a super comfy feel, there is really nothing left to wish for.


    Buy your 2014 Flow Isis AT binding at these locations:


    GNU B-Famous


    GNU 2014 B-Famous Snowboard Bindings : The Ultimate Women’s Performance Binding. The B-Famous binding is for riders who want the highest performance female binding on the market. The revolutionary speed and ease of the reclining high-back entry and exit, ultra lightweight baseplate and asymmetric cored high-back reduces weight and fatigue allowing you to ride better and longer. If you really want to bring your shred to the next level this is the binding for you.


    Nitro Eris


    Park or pow, the Nitro Eris Snowboard Bindings will keep you strapped in and in full control. Nitro's high performance female bindings boast a lightweight construction featuring the FTI AIR chassis and amazing straps for enhanced comfort and better performance. Equipped with the Asym Type S highbacks and Nitro's Air Dampeners, these bindings conform to your calf while saving your knees and ankles with their shock absorbing Nitro AIR Dampening technology. Precise response, unmatched comfort and sleek styling will inspire you to make every run better than the last.

    Find your 2014 Nitro Eris at these fine locations:


    Ride Fame


    The Ride Fame Women's Snowboard Bindings are freestyle glory-seekers that ladies are bound to love. With a comfortable and shock-absorbing EVA Basepad and 3D ThinGrip™ Toe Straps these bindings keep your feet and legs happy while sending it off booters or down rails. Become an icon with the bindings that can back you up, on or off the podium.

    Find the 2014 Ride Fame binding at these locations:


    Rome Strut


    The Strut showcases our metal UnderWrap technology for maximum heel-to-toe power transfer and a women-specific highback for anatomically correct response. Armed with comfortable and convenient strap technology, the Rome AutoStrap system keeps the baseplate clear and ready at all times.

    Rossignol Diva


    Performance and luxury are important for any lady, so why sacrifice with your snowboard bindings. The 2014 Rossignol Diva Snowboard Bindings offer top notch features like 40 oz. Fitted Straps, 3D AsymWrap Highbacks and Hi-Heel Lift to keep you in comfort all day while still providing outstanding response. Strap into the Rossignol Diva Snowboard Bindings and let your troubles gently slide away.

    Find your 2014 Rossignol Diva at these locations:

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    Union Legacy


    Bindings are one of the most overlooked items in the snowboard game. With different genders comes different needs, males have higher calves, women have lower ones, both are just beautiful, we all know that. Designed specifically for females the Union Women's Legacy Snowboard Bindings are a powerful package. With the Stage III Atlas Base that's on all high-end Union bindings, and a Women's specific Asym/Symmetrical Legacy Highback you can expect quick response, control and durability. Create a legacy out of yourself.

    There's nothing better than the 2014 Union Legacy Binding and you can find them at these locations:



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