MIVEU: Your Phone On Steroids

  • We've spent a ton of time looking at phone cases with wide angle lenses, water tight seals, and a plethora of mounting features, but the case we are reviewing this time is second to none. MIVEU is an amazing way to get a wide angle lense without facing the pain of a bulky case. The Miveu uses a simple clip style case to attach the lens to the phone. In addition, this is totally worth the price!

    The Miveu-X is a convenient and inexpensive way for you to record POV video on
    the phone you already own. The iPhone 4/4s POV solution has many distinct advantages
    over existing POV cameras.

    • Lets you record awesome image stabilized POV video with amazing sound.
    • Ability to edit and review video on the spot right after you shoot.
    • Immediately upload video to your social media networks through a 3G network.
    • It's 1/3 the price of most popular POV cameras and has more built in features.

    The cheapest down and dirty way to mount your Miveu-X to just about anything.

    • Conveniently zip-ties onto most handlebars
    • Can be zip-tied to just about anything: roll bars on ATVs or dune buggys for example.
    • Can also be used without the Miveu-X case, giving you the option of using your
      iPhone's GPS capability directly on your handlebars.

3 Responses

  1. Cool, love to have one =)

  2. super sick! can’t wait to get one of these for mammoth!

  3. Awesome giveaway, thanks Snowboardsteez!