“minimal shift”

  • it was a below average start to winter for rmr parks, and it was not going to get much better any time soon. with mid febuary looking more like mid march, other resorts in the area were closing for the season and any week looked like it could have been our last. but with the arrival of march brought the return of snowmaking temperatures and 20" of natural snow from winter storm stella to extend our season. although the 2017 winter in southern Pennsylvania could have been a lot better, we made the most of it. here is what we came away with for the final installment of the shift series! 

    a huge thank you goes out to matt and the park crew, the groomers, snowmakers, and anyone else who helped make this season what it was.❤️

    riders in order of appearance:
    max allen
    jake yokum
    mike wolfret
    brad focht
    dan pergrin
    evan pierce
    henry batley
    brennon sloan
    anthony madrigal
    nolan mcmullen
    art mcnulty
    chad gutshall

    film/edit: brennon sloan
    additional filming: dan pergrin & max allen
    thumbnail photo: evan pierce

    "goodbye horses" - q lazzarus
    "hey moon" - molly nilsson

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