• "The crew around Snowpark Laax decided to throw themselves a little afterparty once the season wrapped up at Europe's prime freestyle resort. During the last two weeks of April, in the heat of spring, a small group of like-minded fun-loving people gathered around the playground dubbed "Crap Sogn Gion" to snowboard, film, shoot, BBQ, tan, and have a good time. As a result, a short film appropriately titeled "AFTERPARTY", is now here to grace your eyes with 20 minutes of pure fun snowboarding in the sun. Featuring the talents of legends like Nicolas Mueller and Gian Simmen, Laax team riders like David Habluetzel and Severin Van Der Meer, park shapers like Luca Kuppelwieser and Jah Harris, former shapers like Joos Caviezel and James Niederberger, and appearances by Scandinavian Terror-Twins Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom, and their Swiss sidekick, Max Buri - to name a few - there's no shortage of great folks in this flick. Kick your feet up, sit back, relax, and enjoy!"[iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" maxwidth="750"]


    A Film By: Lukas Blume Rösli - Roger Heid
    Produced By: Lukas Blume Rösli - Snowpark LAAX
    Main Cameras: Lukas Blume Rösli - Mathias Wittwer - Manuel Sieber - Phillipp Ruggli
    More Cameras: Joos Caviezel - Markus Casutt - Adriel Pfister - Jan Stöckli - Renato Späni - Sean Fee -
    Alex Tank - Jeron Lohner - Jonas Steinbacher
    Editor: Lukas Blume Rösli
    Graphics: Aaron Schwartz
    Thanks to: All the riders - Snowpark Crew
    Riders: Adrian Oesch
    Alex Tank, David Hablützel, Elmar Bossard, Flavio Pfister, Frederik Kalbermatten, Gian Simmen, Gido Gfoellner, Jah Harris, James Niederberger, Jeron Lohner, Joos Caviezel, Kevin Backstrom, Luca Kuppelwieser, Matthias Wattinger, Max Buri, Nicolas Müller, Severin Van Der Meer ,Tor Lundstrom

    Dark On Demand - Martin Strummer -
    It's All Over - Jeff D. Moseley, Richard Willis -
    Criminal - Blues Saraceno -
    DJ Johny Holiday -
    Plain Zest - I'am Out
    Nightshift.2.Heavy - CAYO -
    Sad - Plain Zest
    AmeriKKan Horror Story - Ovakill (Prod. Blaine Billz) [Ace NIKO x Blaine Billz]

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