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  1. With more than 23 feet this season alone and snow nearly every day in January, now is the best time to enjoy Kirkwood’s quieter season – the holiday crowds have scattered and Kirkwood can be enjoyed in all its glory with lodging rates up to 20 percent off.

    While skiers and snowboarders are enjoying the mountain to themselves, they can also partake in or watch Rahlves’ Banzai Tour, back at Kirkwood Mountain Resort for the sixth season and showcasing the most pure form of ski and snowboard racing. This year the tour will be dropping in from “CLIF Drop” off the Wall into Kirkwood’s wide open terrain where competitors will launch into Snow Snake Gully off the road aka “Down Deschutes” flying past spectators on top of Chair 11. The natural terrain at Kirkwood is the perfect fit for Banzai fun and top-to-bottom battles.