Best Kids Boots of 2016

  • Check out the latest kids boots of 2016 and let us know which ones you'll be picking up for your grom.

  • Nitro Rover Youth

    Specifically engineered for young rippers the Nitro Rover Youth Snow Boots provide comfort, control, and class in a single package. These amazing boots are guaranteed to take their riding prowess to the higher level. Easy lacing system and ACE Liner provide ease of operation and comfort, keeping the feet of your young prodigy warm and cozy while he experiences the thrill of riding. EVA Footbed ensures that your child’s feet are protected from all kinds of jarring motions and does not get fatigued too early.

  • Burton Zipline Boa

    Get the ultimate comfort for your child without compromising on the performance. Burton Zipline boa feature an easy to use lacing system that ensures quick operation and less fiddling. When it comes to comfort Burton Zipline features amazing technology such as Molded EVA footbed and Imprint Liner that would keep them going on for hours without any fatigue or injury. The added comfort and ease ensures that your child concentrates on improving their skills and does not have to worry about tiring themselves out.

  • K2 Vandal

    Want your young Grom to ride in style then gift them a pair of K2 Vandal Snow boots. These amazing boots provide added comfort and incorporate ease of operation, which would make their time on the snow a hassle free experience. The Boa Lacing technology ensures a snug fit with ease. The red Flashing Soles add a new layer of style and class to their riding experience. Overall a great set of boots for all kinds of surfaces and snowboards.

  • 32 Kids Boa

    With 32 Kids Boa, your young prodigy would be able to enjoy perfecting his skills without any harm or trouble. The easy operating ensures that you don’t have to fiddle in the cold with the laces but fits snugly without any trouble. Designed to provide the perfect fit for all kinds of small sizes. Rubber outsole ensures perfect grip and comfort with the capability to absorb harsh bumps and bounces. EVA cushioning footbed ensures comfort and warmth in any kind of cold weather.

  • Salomon Launch Boa

    Available at highly affordable prices but packing an amazing array of features Salomon Launch Boa is perfect for young Groms. Equipped with Custom fit foam that ensures your child gets the perfect set of snow boots for all terrains and environments. The medium flex in the boot is designed to provide your kid with the perfect fit and amazing performance on the snow. Amazing heel hold and lacing system designed to be operated with ease make this a perfect pair for your kid’s feet.

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