Keeping Up With The Jones’

  • When I say the name "Jeremy Jones" do you think about hiking stairs or hiking first descents?

    Just so you know, there's two of them...

    One of them is a Trukee bred, big mountain rider who started off at Rossignol Snowboards but now designs his own boards at Jones Snowboards.  Giving him the freedom to design graphics and technology that he wasn't getting from Rossi.

    The other Jeremy is a Burton sponsored freestyle rider who slayed rails with JP Walker back in the day. He has continued to push the envelope alongside progressing new talent.

    To some of you, this information may be obvious, but to the general public this kind of subject matter can, understandably, be confusing. So bear with us.

    Lets establish nick-names: we will call Jeremy Jones from Jones snowboards Big Mt. Jones and Jeremy from Burton  will be Jibbah Jones.jeremy jones burton


    jeremy jones further snowboarder

     Tale Of The Tape:


    Big Mt. Jones                                                       Jibbah Jones

    5'8"                                                                         5'10"

    150Lbs                                                                  185 Lbs

    Goofy                                                                     Goofy

    Stance Width 21"                                               Stance Width 24.5"

    7 in the front, 0 in the back                            15 in the front, -9 in the back


    Now that we have deciphered the two athletes, lets take a look at some of the great footage these two athletes have produced.

    Big Mt. Jones just came out with a new movie this season called FURTHER. This epic new movie has had people all over the world dropping their jaws at the sight of a rider shredding the hell out of some of the most sketchy lines with such proficiency. He has also been in other movies such as DEEPER, Lost and Found, Mind The Addiction, Soul Purpose, Tangerine Dream, The Big One just to name a few...

    Jeremy Jones’ Further Official Trailer – Teton Gravity Research 2012 Snowboard Film from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

    Click here to find more info on the FURTHER movie

    Jibah Jones has been a Burton sponsored rider for quite a while. He has spent most of his seasons shredding urban style features and has taken advantage of the EST channel system Burton provides to create some tricks with one screw attaching one binding to the board and being able to spin the board underneath his foot as he does his tricks.

    Jeremy Jones B section from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

    Now the question becomes, which Jones is better? To be honest, there's no way to compare the two. They are riders with completly different styles that aren't comparable. There's no question that these two riders are amazingly skilled athletes at the top of each of their games and share the same age group which doesn't give one rider the advantage.

    Which rider do you think is better? Leave your comments and let us know.

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