Keep It Old School With Powder Jet Snowboards

  • How did you guys start?

    They were inspired by a run I took in 2008 on my old first snowboard from the 80s.  I was with some buddies and my kids, and we were messing around on the hill up behind our house.  I had brought my Elite 150 on a lark, having not ridden it since I was about 16.  It turned out to be really fun, super turn-y and a totally different ride than any modern snowboard. That thing had no sidecut though, and had a tiny skeg in the bottom, like a surfboard, two ideas that didn’t really pan out.  I loved the way the board floated, and the way the tail swung around, due to the concave tail, but hated the lack of sidecut.

    I thought I could marry this early evolutionary design with modern design ideas like real sidecut and reverse camber, and build a sort of missing link between the past and present of snowboarding.  I also knew it could be done in a simple, eco-conscious way, using wood and glue.

    What does Powder Jet stand for?

    What we’re offering is a simple, eco-conscious powder board that has nothing to do with the Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Fuel TV, Star Wars graphics money grab the big guys are all chasing.  We’re core snowboarders who’ve been riding 20 plus years, and we’re not marketing to sixteen year olds.  We’re not marketing at all!   PowderJets are a snowboarder’s snowboard...if you’ve been into the sport for a while, you’ll get it.  If not, oh well.

    More importantly, it’s about getting out into the backcountry with your crew, riding powder on a board that’s been designed for shredding woods lines.  These boards aren’t made for doing park laps at Carinthia on Mt.Snow...that stuff is cool, but it’s just one element of a super diverse sport.  PowderJets are hand built, and designed for powder riding.  It’s a quiver board, and when the conditions call for it, it’s the sickest board ever.

    Do you have a pro team?

    We have ambassadors, who are buddies we go out filming with.  Lukas Huffman is our main man.  He’s got insane big mountain skills. Hisanori Katsuyama rides our boards in Japan.  He’s a sick, young big mountain rider with tons of style.

    What are you guys looking forward to for the 2013 season?

    Man, I’m just looking forward to a realistic snowfall this winter.  We want to do some trips out west...people are really way into snowboarding out there.  Just more filming, testing out new designs, making new friends.  We’re really excited to get out there on the mountains again.  I also want to explore Mt Washington more this winter, although that place scares the shit out of me.  We’re opening a pop-up store in downtown Portsmouth, NH with our buddies over at Grain Surfboards.  Come over and check us out

    PowderJet Construction from Jesse Loomis on Vimeo.

    Loomis at work in his Rupert shop.

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