It’s All About The Backcountry

  • 5 years ago, it was all about rippin it up in the park. Everyone wanted to be Shawn White and pull double corks in the pipe. Some of us still do for sure, but now, more than ever, people are veering off the beaten path. Sports enthusiasts all over are buying snow shoes, renting helis, and paying for cat tours all in the name of breaking new trail; going where no one has been before. If you are like myself, you can't afford to be renting helis everyday. In this case, get creative.

    historic ski area The backcountry could be closer than you think. In the early half of the 1900's there were hundreds, if not thousands, of ski areas peppering all of North America that don't exist anymore for one reason or another. There are organizations out there that keep detailed records of each one of these places. You may realize that there are perfectly good bumps right under your nose. Since I live in New England, I use to find hills in my area. Back country is a great way to get more out of your day. Bring the dog and some snacks on a blue bird day and enjoy nature the way it was intended. It's a different experience when you aren't always seeing nature at 60 MPH.

    old school skiierold school skiier

    The question is, how do you want to get there? Do you want to take the cheap way out and snowmobile to your destination or do you want to snowshoe or split board to your spot of choice? My vote is to use a split board and there are plenty of people on the internet who would love to show you how it's done. Here's a great article that explains what it takes.

    split snowboard

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