Introducing The Warmest Socks on the Market: Lenz

  • We all get cold feet sometimes. There have always been ways to prevent cold feet; loosening up your boots, going inside for a minute to warm up, wearing the right socks, Hotronic boot warmers, disposable boot heat packs. Up to this point nothing seemed to work well enough or make sense, until now! Introducing the Lenz heated sock! Check out what we had to say about it.

    This functional sock is integrated with a heating system. This heats up the bottom of the foot with the built in heating element, wicks moisture from your feet keeping them dry and warmer, and is ergonomically knitted to fit comfortably around your whole foot. This is also an added shin protector as well as padding in the exposed parts. The battery is very small in volume to be able to heat as much as it does. This sock has a high price point but it's worth it 1000 times over.
    Worried about washing this? Fear not, the Lenz sock is anti microbial and has no problem once you have been sure to set your washer on gentle wash. This sock is 49% nylon, 29% polyamide, 10% polypropylene, 7% merinowool and 5% elastane. It's a blend of amazing warmth, moisture removing characteristics and elasticity for comfort.
    Did we mention the Lenz Heated Sock is Bluetooth compatible? Control the heat level from your smartphone independently between your left and right foot. Want to stay really warm? Lenz also makes a vest that works with the smartphone app. The price is high but the value far outweighs the price tag. Stay warm this winter with Lenz socks!

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