Gear Highlight: Stealth Shovel Kicker Tool by D-MOS Collective

  • A result of necessity being the mother of invention, we bring to you the Kicker Tool. This cross between a collapsible shovel and a rake, t's amazing that no one has made a shovel like this in the past.  D-MOS Collective has proven the need for this concept with a successful KickStarter campaign and backed by one of the greatest riders of all time, Mr. Rice himself.

    The Stealth Shovel weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces and has an expandable handle that reaches roughly 60 inches. This shovel is practically indestructible and made out of 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy which is twice as thick as commonly used shovels. Also equipped with an over sized 18 by 9 inch blade that effectively  moves large amounts of snow. Either pack or groom with the rake like blades on the end. Just by holding this shovel in your hand you can tell that it isn't going to bend or break when you need to get through some harder snow conditions.

    The idea is simple: the tools needed to build snow-based jumps have not kept up with the rapid progression of snowboarding or freeskiing. Traditional avalanche shovels don’t provide enough shovel leverage or grooming essentials and the shovels and rakes you might buy at a hardware store aren’t collapsible, lightweight, or designed for extreme temperatures. DMOS was born to satisfy the need for pro-quality, purpose-built, rugged durable tools to build a better jump.


    The Kicker Tool™ is the ultimate terrain-building tool for skiers, snowboarders and groms looking to get creative, go big, and have fun. Built to last with aircraft quality aluminum alloy throughout the body of the shovel, the Kicker Tool ™ comes with a purpose built shovel head that efficiently moves, packs and rakes large amounts of snow to build and sculpt the perfect jump.


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