Hip Snowboarding

  • Who are you guys?Hip Snowboarding is a cooperation of like-minded riders who seek to create functional product using sustainable and natural materials. hip snowboarding slim fit displayWe are based just outside of Portland OR, right off Highway 26 on the way up to Mt Hood. We launched last February with a small, carefully selected, collection of Eco friendly products. We strongly feel that it is important for businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. After all, we don't want to ruin the very playground to which our company caters. This is why we strive to use Eco friendly fabrics and materials whenever possible. Additionally, we source and produce locally in order to cut back on the emissions and oil usage from overseas shipments. Equally important is that we want all the riders out there to realize that quality and performance is not at all compromised in Eco friendly products.

    his snowboard maskWhat do you offer?As we came to the scene later in the 2012 season, our initial offering is geared for the slushy spring days and the summer riding that goes on up at Hood. Along with a couple styles in tees, beanies and a hoody, our highlight product, perfect for the late season shred, is the Bamboo Gaiter. This unique gaiter offers the perfect protection from the sun and/or cold wind. The bamboo fabric's natural insulation keeps you warm when it's cold and regulates heat to keep you cool when the sun is blazing. Not only that but the fabric is ├╝ber soft which prevents chafing.

    hip snowboarding cabin drinkinghip snowboarding cabin australiaWhat's new for next season?For our first full year we are expanding our range and got some killer gear coming out. We'll again offer organic cotton tees, but in a wider variety of graphics. Some new heavyweight hoodies are in the works as well which will be perfect to slay the park. We have been developing some storm proof masks and gaiters using recycled fleece and re-purposed water repellent polyester to battle the crazy conditions we can get up on Hood. We will once again turn to bamboo fabric, but this time on a larger scale for our hero product, base layers. We are stoked to bring these to the market. The idea had been building up over the last few years and was only cemented when two seasons ago, a group of us rented out an old dingy cabin in the Austrian alps for the winter. We basically had one room for heat which meant that not only were our evenings spent in there for eating and drinking, but it was also used as our drying room. It only took the first night to realize the problem. Anything cotton base obviously would not dry overnight (go figure, pretty much common sense) but also any material made from polyester, regardless of its anti-bacterial/anti-funk technology, would leave the place reeking.

    hip snowboard shirtsSo, over the last two years we have been meticulously tweaking and working on the designs and getting the fabric nailed down. The end result is a Bamboo base layer that we are very excited about bringing to the market. A product so comfy and soft that it feels like your wrapped up in tiny kittens without forgoing performance. These base layers offer superior body temperature regulation as well as excellent wicking properties to keep you dry. And, the best part, at least for those around you, is that the bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, meaning after a days shred you can lounge around in the base layers without being repulsive to others.
    hip snowboard base layer

    Anything else?Yeah, if anyone wants some stickers, just give us a shout and we'll hook them up. And of course a big thanks to Snowboard Steez for putting Hip in the spotlight!

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