Great Summer Accessories for Your GoPro

  • You may not be able to ride in the summer but you can still put your gopro to work. Here is a list of awesome GoPro accessories that will have you catching beautiful footage all year long. ¬†*Brought to you by*

    GoPro Red Floaty Backdoor Waterproof Case


    The Floaty Backdoor waterproof case is a great way to ensure you wont lose your camera at the bottom of any body of water and keep you afloat.


    GoPro Black The Frame Camera Housing


    Ever wish you could get better audio with your GoPro? Don't need the camera to be waterproof at the moment? Check out the Frame Camera housing. Its a great way to enhance the quality of your sound while staying dry.


    GoPro Black HD Wrist Camera Housing


    Want to keep your hands free while out on the surfboard? The Wrist Camera Housing is an awesome way to keep your selfie cam ready while keeping your hands free to do what you need.


    GoPro Black 3 Way Grip Arm Camera Tripod


    The 3 Way is an awesome way to get a selfie handle, extended pole and tripod all in one. Solo skate sesh? No camera man? Throw the tripod down and you got yourself your personal camera man.


    GoPro Fetch Camera Harness For Dogs


    For your best friend and the equally as adventurous buddy, the Fetch Harness is an awesome way to keep a camera on your dog and feel confident that the footage is optimal and you wont lose your camera by accident.


    GoPro Black Jaws Flex Clamp Mount


    The Jaws Clamp is an awesome way to quickly attach your gopro to any surface without needing the assistance of an adhesive pad. Play golf? Throw it on the golf cart. Out on the boat? Throw it on the railing. There are no limits with the JAWS!


    GoPro Black The Handler Hand Grip


    The Handler is the most comfortable way to hold on to your GoPro and not have to worry if you let go. Keep the wrist leash on and feel confident that your camera is always close by. It's comfortable, affordable and it floats! What more could you want.


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