Gear Highlight: 360 Fly ; Live Life Uncropped

  • You may have noticed all the marketing these guys have been doing at the Dew Tour and other events. The newest action camera on the market, the 360 Fly has been titled 'The GoPro Killer' due to its highly anticipated new 360 view technology. Not only can you adjust the view at any time during the video, but you can incorporate this technology into a Virtual Reality device allowing you to see whats around you just by moving your head. Check out what all the hype is!


    Your world isn't flat — and with 360fly, neither are your videos. The 360fly camera captures every angle, every POV of your life in fully immersive, interactive 360° HD video. Shoot, share and swipe your most epic adventures, creative concepts and memorable moments with a camera that's changing everything by capturing it all.


    • Panoramic 360° HD video camera
    • The world's widest single lens field of view
    • Lightweight 4.9-oz. camera
    • Internal 32GB memory holds 2 hours of 360° footage
    • Waterproof, dust resistant, shock resistant
    • Built-in microphone
    • One-button operation
    • Three-color LED function light
    • Accelerometer sensor for camera orientation
    • Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled smart device
    • Includes tilt mount, curved and flat baseplates, and action camera adapter
    • Use viewfinder, control, and edit via 360fly mobile app
    • Supported mobile OS: iOS8+ and Android 4.3+
    • Supported PC OS: Mac 10.8 and Windows 7


    Clip Capture

    Create interactive, explorable 360° videos — including adding filters, motion sequences and soundtracks. Then, share it all on your favorite social media sites. Also share with the community with the push of a button.


    Watch Me

    Edit 360° video for viewing on standard 16:9 format on Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and other social media sites. Push, pull and swipe to control your view experience in ways that once cost a small fortune in equipment and software to achieve.

    Still Capture

    What if you could frame photos from every angle, every POV before pressing the shutter? Now you can. Still Capture gives you the power to snap attention-grabbing stills directly from your 360° footage and share with the push of a button.


    The reality of affordable VR is here. With the push of a button, 360fly formats your footage for viewing with VR players, including Google Cardboard. Experience it for yourself to see how this new world of video will change everything.



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