G-Form Crash Shorts: Saving your tail bone one bail at a time (Give Away Inside)

  • G-Form is a great brand that provides tons of excellent products for people involved in all types of impact sports. Whether you are snowboarding, skiing, playing hockey or fighting in the octagon, athletes far and wide are benefiting from the amazing results of G-Form technology. As snowboarders, we fall hard and often, most commonly on our tail bones. If you have ever broken or hurt your tail bone, you know that it is not comfortable, if not impossible, to sit down. With that being said, we have the solution to all your hip, thigh, and tailbone injuries. We tried out these G-Form shorts and had an amazing experience with them. There was absolutely no pain when falling down! And the best part about them was that they are super comfortable!

    We don't like getting too scientific with fancy talk so we will keep it simple. What makes this padding so effective is the fact that the molecules are very light and airy when they are left alone. Therefore, they are soft to the touch when you press your finger against it. However, when the padding is quickly impacted with force, like in a crash, the molecules compact and become hard.

    Snowboardsteez.com's crash shorts give away


    With five built-in pads to protect the hips, thighs and tailbone, these crash shorts will literally save your behind. This low-profile design reacts in a split-second to keep you fully protected. Guarding against the serious injuries that occur with crash landings and other massive impacts, G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™) is a composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form technology.

    G-Form Crash Shorts will repeatedly absorb over 90% of impact forces without cramping your performance. Yet, you’ll forget you have them on as they mold to your body and move with it. Our breathable, wicking compression fabric also stands up to heavy use and repeated washings. All while providing maximum comfort and protection.

    Make sure you pick up a pair of these for yourself at G-form.com for only $89.99 @ http://g-form.com/products/crash-shorts/

    For one lucky fan, we're going to give away a pair of these awesome shorts courtesies of our friends at G-Form. Like, share and comment on this post and like our Facebook page in order to win these Crash Shorts! Good luck! And tell your friends! Because everyone wants to be friends with a winner.

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  1. GForm has an awesome case for iPad that has been a lifesaver!
    Please wrap me in a pair of these crash shorts!

  2. I try so hard but the fails are harder!