Full Part: Will Mayo’s “Midseason” Edit

  • Always proud of our boy Will. Take a peek at his work this winter...

    "Midseason" from Will Mayo on Vimeo.

    A video of my snowboarding in ME, NH and CO over the last 2 months.

    Special thanks to:
    Rob Hallowell
    Brandon Honeycutt
    Ryan Hryckiewicz
    Christian Mares
    Kevin Dubia (Fairgrounds Swingers Club)
    Shamus Lahman
    Joe Carter + Brian Nevins (Getinthevan.com)

    and everyone who helped pull bungee or build features!

    I would also like to thank my sponsors:
    Echelon Snowboards (Echelonsnow.com)
    Smith Optics (Smithoptics.com)
    Gatorade (Gatorade.com)
    Phunkshun Wear (Phunkshunwear.com)
    Fuel Clothing (Fuelclothing.com)

    "Dirty Paws"
    by Of Monsters and Men

    Voice: Allen Watts Lecture

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