The Fourth Wall – Premiere Tour

Premiere season is always the best time of the year.

[vimeo id="191611384" align="center" maxwidth="1200"]

For one big trip all the crew and homies come together for 3 weeks of parties and snowboarding. We toured through Europe, passing through Lyon, Grenoble, Kaunertal, Innsbruck, Stubai, Zurich, Munich and Vienna.

22nd of November The Fourth Wall will be released online as a free download

Film / Edit:
Tim Schiphorst

Additional filming:
Marco Morandi
Theo Acworth

Antti Jussila, Cees Wille, Christoph Schwarz, Dion Janse, Ethan Morgan, Flo Corzelius, Ivika J├╝rgenson, Jesse Augustinus, Kas Lemmens, Joonas Eloranta, Ollie Dutton, Simon Pircher, Raffael Kossman, Roel Van Oosterhout, Simon Houlind, Tobi Himmelstrup, Will Smith, Max Zebe.

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