Forest Bailey’s Cosmic Collection Film

  • From, “The same creativity that allows Forest Bailey to master fluid maneuvers on unassuming street metal flows also from his paintbrush.


    When this Vermont-born, Oregon-local isn’t strapped in, he’s putting images on canvas (or other ready-to-design material) and these two passions collide in Forest’s signature outerwear with 686, the Cosmic Collection. Get to know Forest and the things that inspire him and thus the 686 Cosmic Collection in this short filmed by Ian Post.”


    This fall I worked on a short documentary film with Forest Bailey–covering his signature collection with 686 & his artistic inspirations. Shot at his first home in Vermont and his current home in Portland, we spent a few days shooting his art as he created.

    [vimeo id="190020509" align="center" maxwidth="750"]

    Produced By: 686

    Directed By: Ian Post

    Cinematography & Editing: Ian Post

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