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  • Flux bindings have been around the block for a little while. This season commemorates their 20th Anniversary.  Flux started in Tokyo, Japan in 1992.  Their founder wanted to make snowboard bindings that fit--- and that is what they did.  They started from humble beginnings, but 20 years of being solely dedicated to engineering bindings in their own factories has allowed them to continuously be at the forefront of binding technology. The FTM (Flux Toe Mask), also known as the ‘toe-cap strap,’ is a Flux patented feature that changed bindings forever. They were the first to introduce Urethane material in their highbacks to allow for more flexibility while still maintaining edge to edge stability., and the UU gapless fit system is another one of the many patented innovations that they have brought to the market in their 20 year history.  For the 2012-2013 season they have shed serious weight while maintaining the durability Flux is famous for.  In the next 20 years, they will continue to stay true to their initial concept, and make bindings with a perfect fit.


    Although snowboard bindings are only looked at as a piece of equipment, Flux feels that it plays an important role in providing the rider with a comfortable, natural connection to the board. At Flux Bindings, they only strive to create the greatest quality snowboard bindings on the market and pay homage to the roots of our sport and work hard to provide a natural, uninhibited connection to the snow.

    Their pro team consist of Nima Jalali, Zac Marben, Eric Willett, Scotty Vine, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Uma Abe, and Erik Leon.  We also have a good mix of regional riders that support Flux throughout the United States. Make sure to follow these riders throughout the season to see what new tricks they are pulling out of their hats.

    FLUX binders

    For more information and to find Flux bindings please refer to these sites.

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