Flossophy Headwear: Stay Moving

  • If you keep your ear to the ground when it comes to trends in fashion, you may already know about this company, but we came across this brand and wanted to share it with you guys. Flossophy Headwear is a brand based around a simple idea and a strong core following. Take our word for it, this brand is about to take off like we dream about. These guys were nice enough to give us a sample that we're going to give away to our readers.

    Corey Palmer started this company about 6 months ago. "The idea came to me a little under a year ago while working at the snowboard shop I work at, Snowboard Jones in Manchester, NH with my boy, Slap. It was a tough winter as any of you from the Northeast might remember and we had just been riding the day before. It was like 55 degrees, mid-January and we were trying to ride with our hats on and we kept losing them. The next day at the shop it was about as busy as you would expect an 80° degree January day to be. Both of us, bored out of our minds, were just finding things to complain about.


    One of the things we eventually got to was our hats from the day before and how we kept losing them. I couldn’t believe there were no lightweight hats you could wear besides those fisherman style hats. Now some people can pull those off, Chris Bradshaw, yeah he looks hood. Me, Not so much. So I got to thinking about how sick it would be if our snapbacks and fitteds had the same thing so we could ride with them and not have to worry about losing them. Within fifteen minutes the first two O.G. Flossophy Headwear hats were made."

    Using nothing but a razor blade, some shop kid smarts, a shoelace, a lace lock from a pair of gloves, meditation, a boy scouts knot book and great upper body strength he added the same style restraining system you see on fisherman hats, and the Flossophy hat was born.


    "Pumped to see how they worked, Slappy and I took our next day off to head up to good old exit 32 and give these Bad Larry’s a test run at Loon. After a couple runs, and minor improvements, I realized that these were the coolest hats that had ever been worn by anyone ever. I didn’t however realize that I was starting on a path to having my own company. After that, I wore the hat on the regular. Everyday, no matter what I was doing. Taking the bike out for a ride, going skating, snowboarding, or just kicking it, I always had my hat. People started to notice, mostly because the string on my hat was something different, a few times for the smell, but it got me thinking, Why not try to start up a company that offers a stylish, snapback or fitted hat that allows people to keep doing their favorite hobby without having to worry about losing their hat.


    BOOM! So here I am. After putting in way too many hours in front of this computer screen, wondering if people have the same ridiculous fashion sense and style I do, considering expenses, and putting together a pitch that would have made Billy Mays proud, Flossophy Headwear has become a reality.


    I started Flossophy Headwear with not only the hopes of fulfilling a need, that quite honestly I am surprised hasn’t been filled sooner, but also with the hopes of being able to portray the lifestyle that all my homies and I try to stick to. I wanted to create a family, not like the creepy kind that live in the desert, but a group of kids that is always down for one another. Doesn’t matter what age, where you’re from, or your style, if you are Flossin’ you’re alright in my book. It is our love for whatever is we are doing, not what we are doing that unite us."

    Now here's the part you've all been waiting for...


    Corey was cool enough to send us a hat to give to one of our readers. All we ask is that you let us know what you think about this product at the bottom of this post, we read them all, and then go to Flossophy's Facebook page and like their page. We will pick a fan and send them this hat. Thanks for reading and look for these guys in the future. This is going to be a huge movement in our industry.

6 Responses

  1. That hat is sick! Such a great idea. I have this massive hat collection at home of all my snowboard and wakeboarding hats and would love to add a one-of-a-kind hat to my collection.

  2. yeah Corey so stoked for you homie.

  3. Fucking genious, man! Genious.

  4. I love it manvegas style all the way….thanks corey and slappy miss and love both of u clowns sincerely Gmo a.k.a the GodFather.

  5. Corey is my brother and seeing his drive and knowing how hhkkkoooooood this company is I can’t wait for it to blow up in the skate snow and bike industry

  6. Smart. Very cool hat. Nice article, Corey!