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  • Sadly here in New England it doesn't snow year-round, and one of our summertime passions is flyfishing! We came across this brand H & H outfitters and they share a lot of the same ideas that we do just in the flyfishing world. It's a unique story about two brothers who are not just looking to try to start a brand but building an army.

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    We were lucky enough to get to sit down and talk with these guys about how and why the brand started. We have to say we are big supporters and we love everything that these guys are doing. Even though it's not our industry it is still something that we are passionate about, we fully support these guys and their movement and were looking to try to help them expand and get the word out.

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    So do us a favor check out the short bio on how the company started and why they started this movement, and if you can, help support them by buying some of there awesome clothing and fishing gear!!! We hope you guys enjoy this company as much as we do. So finish reading this article pick up some gear from H&H, grab a fishing pole and attack the river!

    Here is what Alex had to say about his company! Enjoy!!

    H&H Outfitters began as an idea between two brothers, Alex and Cobb Hudjohn. Over the course of one short year this idea became a movement and through the power of social media, H&H Outfitters has become a beacon for the alternative fly fisher. No longer are fly shops a sea of kaki and white beards. The sport is growing and a younger more vibrant group of individuals are picking up a fly rod and finding out just how awesome it is to catch a fish on the fly. H&H Outfitters prides themselves on quality, customer service and offering affordable apparel that you want to wear on and off the river. H&H also understands that new people entering the sport require the knowledge to be successful. H&H works with non-profits and industry leaders to offer education and info on responsible fishing practices and water way protection. "Fly fishing combines all the things we love about outdoor sports. Hiking, climbing, water, braving the elements, its active and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started.” -Alex Hudjohn

    At H&H we’re not building a brand, we’re building an army. JOIN US.



    Instagram: hh_outfitters

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